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Architectural Services

We provide a full Architectural service from project inception through to completion and across a range of domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors. Whether working on historic buildings or designing contemporary new buildings, we work collaboratively to achieve the goal of the client brief.

Conversion: Our team has extensive experience in designing conversions to traditional and historic buildings. Conversions can often throw-up the most challenging design constraints and we thrive on finding innovative and practical solutions that meet our client’s brief.

Master Planning: We regularly make all types on applications to various Councils including Planning Permission in Principal, Householder and Full Planning Application and Listed Building Applications. We can advise on all types of applications from small scale to large complex applications to maximise the potential for a successful application process.

Conservation: In the Scottish Borders we are surrounded by historic buildings that require a carefully thought-out process whereby they can be maintained and managed in a manner that will sustain, and where appropriate, enhance their significance.

Refurbishment: Building refurbishment and re-modelling is a common part of our workload and we take a flexible approach to help our clients visualise their dream building, whether it be a house, office or entertainment venue. We can advise on how the building can be thermally upgraded to improve energy conservation and adapted to meet modern usage demands.

Sustainable and Renewable Design: With increasing energy costs and an ever increasing demand to reduce a buildings carbon footprint, we engage with our clients to discuss renewable sources of heating and sustainable methods of construction.

Building Design: As a company, we thrive on producing innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs that meet our clients brief. We enjoy the challenge of finding practical solutions that meet budget constraints and yet provide attractive designs.

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Building Surveying Services

Richard Amos Ltd offer a range of building surveys, defect inspection and analysis as well as measured surveys of buildings and land.

Measured and Topographic Surveys: The survey of existing buildings and land is a crucial part of the design process and can carry out measured surveys of all types of buildings and can provide existing drawings in advance of planning out a future project. We can also arrange topographic surveys of land and provide contoured plans identifying ground features and the line of overhead cables.

RICS Building Surveys: We can carry out an RICS Level 2 or 3 survey on your property to provide extensive information on the condition of your property. This can be to advise on issues in advance of purchase or as a method of identifying key issues in advance of undertaking refurbishment work.

Defect Analysis: We can carry out inspections on specific defects, look to establish the cause of the defect and provide advice on how the cause can be rectified. We can also assist with engaging with a contractor to carry out the remedial work.

Health and Safety Services

CDM 2015: David Burgon is an Associate Member of The Association of Project Safety and can undertake the role of Principal Designer under the Construction and Design Management (CDM) Regulations 2015. We regularly assist our clients in preparing pre-construction information and can provide advice on the necessary arrangement for managing and organising a project.

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